Greg Kearsley


Ph.D. - Educational Psychology, University of Alberta, 1978
M.S. - Theoretical Psychology, University of Alberta, 1976
B.S. - Experimental Psychology, University of Toronto, 1973

Professional Experience:

Online Learning Consultant, U.S.< Merchant Marine Academy, 2006-present. Developed instructional model for online graduate program in marine engineering and worked with faculty to prepare online courses.

Online Learning Consultant, North Central Regional Education Laboratory, 2002-2005. Created online professional development courses for K-12 teachers and administrators.

eLearning Course Developer, Walden Institute, 1999-2002. Created web-based courses and programs for professional training.

Technology Consultant, The Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, 1994-95. Created strategic plan for technology-based training and assisted staff with use of instructional technology.

Senior Research Associate , Army Research Institute, 1991-1992. Developed a hypertext database of instructional theories relevant to adult learning [National Research Council Fellowship].

Chief Executive Officer of Park Row Inc., a software publishing company, 1985-1990. In addition to daily management responsibilities, he was responsible for all product development and support activities. Provided consulting in software design and instructional technology.

Chief scientist of Courseware Incorporated, 1984-1985. In this position he guided the technical direction of the company and managed R&D activities. Areas of special interest were artificial intelligence and automated instructional systems.

Senior scientist at the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), 1980-1983. At HumRRO, he was involved in a wide range of human factors projects for corporate and government clients.

Instructional Designer at Courseware Incorporated, 1978-1980. Developed and managed computer-based training courses for corporate and government clients.

Teaching Experience:

University of Maryland, College Park< - Adjunct Professor, Distance Education Program. 2001-2003.

University of Wisconsin<, Madison - Adjunct/Visiting Professor, Engineering Professional Development Dept. 1983-2004.

Nova Southeastern University - Program Professor, Fischler Center for the Advancement of Education, Instructional Technology & Distance Education program. 1997 - 1998.

George Washington University - Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Education & Human Development, HRD and Ed Leadership depts, 1989 - 1997.

National University< - Lecturer, Telecommunications Management, Information Systems, Instructional Technology programs, 1985-89.

University of San Francisco< - Lecturer, School of Education, 1983-86.

San Diego State - Adjunct Instructor, Educational Technology Dept.,1984

Catholic University, Washington, D.C. - Lecturer, School of Education, 1983.

University of California<, San Diego< - Lecturer, Extension, 1978-79.

Major Publications (including software and web sites):

Online Learning: Personal Reflections on the Transformation of Education. Technology Publications, Englewood< Cliffs, NJ. 2005.

Distance Education: A Systems Perspective, 2nd Ed. Wadsworth, Belmont<, CA. 2005.(with M. Moore)

Online Education: Learning and Teaching in Cyberspace. Book version: Wadsworth<, Belmont<, CA. 2000.WWW version: [] 1999-2001.

Technology, Learning & Organizations. Book version: CRC/St Lucie Press, 1998. WWW version: [ ] 1997 - 2000.

A Celebration of Teaching Excellence. - CD-ROM/Videotape George Washington Univ. 1996.

Distance Education: A Systems Perspective. Wadsworth<, Belmont<, CA. 1996. (with M. Moore)

Exploring Learning & Instruction: The Theory into Practice Program. Hypertext database available in Hyperties, HyperCard, and via WWW [ ]. 1992 -present.

Public Access Systems: Bringing Computer Power to the People. Ablex, Norwood, NJ<. 1994.

Educational Technology: Leadership Perspectives. Educational Technology
Publications, Englewood< Cliffs, NJ. 1994. (with W. Lynch)

We Teach With Technology: New Visions for Education. Franklin Beedle & Assoc. Irvine, CA. 1992. (with B. Hunter and M. Furlong)

Computers for Educational Administrators.
Ablex, Norwood, NJ<. 1990.

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Hypertext Hands-On! A New Way of Accessing and Organizing Information. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA<. 1989. (with B. Shneiderman)

Online Help Systems. Ablex, Norwood, NJ<. 1988.

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(with B. Hunter & H. Hunter)

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(with B. Hunter & H. Hunter)

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